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Image of HAECKELS Chalk Room Diffuser Oil

HAECKELS Chalk Room Diffuser Oil

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Essential oil blend of sea lavender & cliff grasses – 100ml
The Haeckels Chalk Room Diffuser.
A unique way to infuse your home using chalk.
Chalk is a naturally porous sedimentary rock which forms from the slow build up of cal- cite plates (coccoliths) which are shed from tiny organisms called coccolithophores. These tiny coccolithophores have been producing coccoliths for millennia and are still present today, creating a sediment base that will one day be compressed into becoming more chalk. Chalk cliffs, reefs and formations are found all around the Kent coast line, local to the Haeckels lab, and are commonly found in the form of cliffs due to having greater resistance to weathering and erosion than surrounding clay deposits; therefore chalk can be commonly found as cliffs or rising hills known as downlands.

Place your chalk diffuser in the centre of the brass plate and carefully
dispense 50ml of the natural essential oil into the bowl.
The porous chalk will begin to absorb the oil and slowly, over time release the scent into the surrounding room.

Lavender (Lavandula angustifolia) Oil, Sea-lavender Limonium vulgare Oil, Distilled Freshly cut wild cliff grasses

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