HAECKELS Dreamland / GPS 23’ 5”N


Picked on 9th February 2014 / Cloudy Day – 270ml
Originally a 19th century amusement park with ceremonial gardens, Dreamland is the historic center of the town with many people sharing fond memories of being on the now disappeared rides.

About Our Dreamland Scent

The most prominent memory that is widely shared from Dreamland is riding the large wooden scenic railway style roller coaster which once had over half a million people use it every year. To experience this location is to walk around this monumental disused ride, itself a victim of arson, with the scent of burnt wood and charred leather surrounding you to then find yourself at the back of the site where there was once the ornamental gardens.

The fragrance of the burnt Dreamland ride gives way instead to the Victorian roses that are still growing where they were originally planted and have seen the amusement park in its journey from popularity to demolition and finally now to a resurrection as the remaining burnt ride is restored.

Scent Experience

Top: intense and powdery floral
Heart : dry, smokey wood and leather
Base : clean floral undertone

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