Nike Air Force 1 Type "N. 354"


Innovation meets classic – with the newly launched »N.354«-series, Nike Sportswear proves it sense for experimentation and deconstruction.

»N. 354« is a new collection in which Nike dives into its vast archives to find inspiration that’ll meld with today’s design ethos, »simultaneously standing for the past, present and future.« The result are deconstructive remakes of classic prototypes that explore and push the boundaries of today’s footwear design.

One of Nike’s legendary silhouettes that can’t be missing in this experimental collection is the Nike Air Force 1 Low. First launched in 1982 and originally produced as a basketball shoe, the Air Force 1 has first become popular in the hip-hop scene, partly owing to the huge amount of colorways that have been produced over the years. Meanwhile the AF1 has proven itself to be a true classic in the fashion sector as well, that shouldn’t be missing in any sneaker collection. Also from a technical point of view the trendsetter doesn’t have to hide itself: Its Air-sole provides a maximum of support and guarantees a comfortable fit.

As a dope fusion of past and future the new Nike Air Force 1 Low Type comes in a clean »Summit White« colorway. 

The modern remake features a handmade and prototype-inspired aesthetic and enthuses with its navy padded tongue, the bright coral taped seams, the transparent midfood section and the black velcro strap on the heel.



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