Nike React Element 55 “tour yellow” (grey / red / orange)


The Nike React didn't actually hit the ground running. In its first form - this form - it was designed for casual wear, pure and simple. The React Element 55 is the opaque iteration of the React Element 87, which took comfort to the cutting edge.

The idea behind this shoe was related to maximizing cushioning for everyday use. The result is a super-soft sole optimised for your paths through the urban jungle. Instead of the translucent upper from the 87 comes the React Element 55 with a super light mesh upper. Highlight is definitely the white sole remindes us of a »bubble«-look.

The sneaker’s super-soft sole has once again been optimized for the urban commute - proving once more that innovation can walk before it runs.

This new Nike React Element 55 features a light grey upper with red, black and orange details.

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